Welcome to Next Level Games

Next Level Games is one of Melbourne’s premier table top gaming venues.

With stores in Dandenong, Morwell, Preston, and Ringwood we cater to all forms of table top gaming, including TCGs, Roleplaying Games, Miniature War Games, Living Card Games, and Board Games.

We also buy and sell singles for Magic the Gathering, boasting one of the most comprehensive ranges of cards in Victoria. If you are looking for cards, look no further than your local Next Level Games!

We pride ourselves on our strong sense of community, whether you’re a beginner seeking to learn a new game or a veteran looking to test your mettle, come in to your local Next Level Games. Our staff are here to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

As one of Victoria’s premier tournament locations we specialise in running a wide range of events. Below are just some of the games we run events for on a regular basis:


At Next Level Games we’ll take your gaming experience to the Next Level…